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I Love Disorder!

Like most professional organizers, I am extremely organized. If you visited my house I would be excited to show off my beautiful file system (yes – it is stunning), my cutlery drawer, my jewelry system and closet.

I’d even invite you to look at the organization on my computer. We organizers are obsessive and are continually organizing and re-organizing our spaces. At times this behaviour can be a detriment because everything is so compartmentalized that we have to open the box that is in the box that is in the box to access our sewing thread…lol.  However, luckily for you, this makes us great at our jobs.

The truth is I have an affinity toward disorder. Without it I wouldn’t be able to fill my heart with the excitement and happiness I receive from putting things in order.

I love helping people succeed, which is why I’m so excited to help others make changes and find new ways to organize their spaces.  So, please do not feel embarrassed when I peek into your cupboards and drawers and find chaos ~ that is exactly what I love to see (this message is for all my friends and family as well).

Of course I love creating complex systems but acknowledge that many people require a far less complex system; one based on their brain type or their timeline to access items. For example, if you are always running late you may need all items by the door sitting out in trays for easy access. However, perhaps this same household runs two businesses and needs a complex client tracking system for peace of mind when working in the office.

There are numerous traits that make organizers good at what they do, like pattern recognition and spatial awareness. More importantly, I am astute at assessing how your organizing brain works so that I can implement systems that are uniquely created for you, as opposed to you having you conform to a generic system.

So, please don’t deprive me of seeing what you think is the worst part of your home and office because, really, it is my playground.

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