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What to do with gifts that don’t ring true?

December 28th, 2011

What to do with gifts that don't ring true

The holiday has passed and Aunt Mildred gave you another one of those “things” ~ again!

One of the most common reasons heard from clients as to why they cannot part with an unwanted gift is, “Oh, ______ gave it to me and I couldn’t possibly give it away, they’ll notice.”  We’re inclined to say that they probably won’t notice that it’s missing from the box where you’ve hidden it in your basement.  However they may notice if they never see you use it shortly after they’ve gifted it to you.

Here is one possible solution.  Allocate a box for these unloved items.  Make sure the gift is visible during the next couple visits from that gifter.  Once they see the gift in action it will satisfy their curiosity and then you can simply transfer it to the other box allocated “Donate.”  You are now providing an opportunity for this unwanted gift to be loved by someone else!

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