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Organize Your Office to Succeed

Organize Your Office to Succeed

An effective office makes effective use of time and energy. Among other things, this means arranging your office so that you can see and reach the items you need while seated at your desk.

When I work with a client on an office, we identify the items that client needs to reach in order to work effectively. While the client has often already set up the office with two or three of these things in place (desk, chair, computer), they will often have to wheel across the floor to a closet or even walk up and down stairs to access other items.

At first blush, needing to walk a few steps to put away files in a filing cabinet doesn’t seem like it would pose much of a problem. But if mental excuses like “I’ll do that later” or “I’ll get to that when I go downstairs” sound familiar, it’s a good idea to organize your priority one office areas.

A priority one office area is something you can reach with ease while seated at your desk.

What should you include in your priority one office areas? My top picks are:

  • Open work surface
  • Comfortable chair
  • Inbox to collect unprocessed random paper
  • Active file system for your in-progress paperwork
  • Easy to reach reference file system for projects and archival documents
  • Recycling bin
  • Garbage can
  • Shredder
  • Daily office supplies (pen, notepad, scissors, paper clips).

By placing these priority items within your reach, you’re ready to enjoy continuous work flow and greatly enhanced productivity. No untimely stops or unproductive shifts in attention. You’re on your way to success!

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