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What are we choosing to fill our lives with?

January 25th, 2012

What are we choosing to fill our lives with

Many of us strive for material possessions which often prevent us from pursuits that would truly make us happy.  I may be speaking about myself or perhaps it is part of a societal syndrome to be everything to everyone.  To be perfect to everyone, to get it all done, to have everything under control, have it all, may it be belongings or sensibilities or talents or… How tiring and absolutely draining.  We collect objects to fill some void or to create an acceptable appearance.  It’s more than just items that we fill our lives with its endless tasks on our to-do lists, acquaintances and even constant analysis.

If we simply take a few minutes to reflect on what is really important to us, and how we feel deep down about the choices we are making, perhaps then we could focus on what is really important. We could remove the waste and excess that really just fills us up instead of allowing us to settle into happiness and peace.

>Give yourself permission to take a moment to feel what is important to you today. Please try not to analyze, reflect or think.  Just close your eyes and feel what is going on in your body and heart.

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