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Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

February 1st, 2012

Setting ourselves up for failure

My last blog gently addressed the importance of identifying your priorities to set you up for success, whether it’s leaving the house on time or being productive at work.  It’s a rare occasion when we take the time to ask ourselves, “what are my priorities?” (renewing my auto insurance, getting the lunches made, cleaning the bathroom, walking the dog, returning the movies, working on my website). No, what I’m referring to are your life priorities. Many of us have the same priorities in the same order.  Let me guess yours ~ family, health, friends, work… Why, if this order of life priorities looks so familiar, are we filling our time and thoughts with a million and one things on our to do lists?  If you measure out your true life priorities do they match how you’re spending your time and effort?  Ya ya you have to get ______, ______, and ______ completed or else… Is this true or have we all fallen into a trap of setting ourselves up for failure.  Are the things on your to do list really a priority?  Did you prioritize spending time with your family and friends, going to the gym and preparing healthy meals? Hmmm… It seems like we’re all rushing around to get that, pick up this, do that, finish this, while life passes by.  Instead of asking ourselves each day, “what are my personal life priorities today”, and being in the moment we are just so desperate to get our to do list done that we don’t actually get to enjoy our life. So, wouldn’t it be wise to reflect on your priority list and ask, “if this doesn’t get done today will it affect anyone but me?”; “have I created an unnecessary priority with any items?” You will never miss finishing things on your to do list but you will miss moments with your child and friend. And how can you really be in the moment with so many things weighing on your mind constantly? So ask yourself, “what are my priorities in life and is my schedule really reflecting these values”? If not, it’s time to reallocate that to do list and assess the level of priority assigned for each item so it reflects your life’s goals.  You can do this ~ start with setting realistic priorities/goals for each day.  All the other stuff we put on ourselves – let it go.

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