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Make Organizing a Routine

Make organizing a routine

Last year I vowed to spend time each week meditating. I failed. Well, just like my workout goals I’m getting back on the wagon and am going to take some of my own advice.

Even the most organized organizers find their space gets out of control without consistent maintenance (wouldn’t be nice if our homes maintained themselves…)

My clients often discover that working with me inspires them to maintain their space, however what happens when we don’t see them for months and the self motivation has dimmed its focus?

That’s why creating an organizing routine is so important. I mean, we never forget to put on clothes in the morning or brush our teeth at night. So why not incorporate 5 minutes of organizing into a routine that is already part of your daily structure?

For example, once you bring the mail in from the front door, take a minute to open it and recycle/shred what’s not needed before placing the remaining paper with your other to do items.

Could you have your children prepare their backpacks for the next day just before brushing their teeth?

These routines will help everything run more smoothly, reduce anxiety and set life-long strategies for a clutter free life. The most important part of this structure is to be honest with what could work and then make it happen.


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