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Dear unruly business cards…

February 15th, 2012

Unruly business cards

Are you having trouble finding a solution for your hundreds of business cards? Or have you found a solution but still can’t find the cards when you need to contact someone?

Business cards are so unruly. They’re often spread around your home in multiple drawers, bags and binders. Even if you find them you may not remember who they are associated with.  Many of the traditional organizing systems, found at office supply stores, are designed for alphabetical filing but imagine two years later, when you actually need the service; it will be almost impossible to remember the contact’s name.

Or perhaps you attend networking functions and just aren’t sure how to file the cards for later networking use. Organizing business cards by category, rather than alphabetically, can help you find contacts quickly. Sections such as Finance, Medical & Health, Membership, Auto, Friends & Family, Home Maintenance, Miscellaneous, and any other networking functions or committees you attend will get you started. Having a binder with business card page inserts are an excellent way to start organizing all your cards.

Finally, if you’re an iPhone user, you can download the CamCard app which allows you to take a photo of the business card and then automatically file the information into the correct sections in your address book. And of course, purging the card after entry is an organizer’s dream!

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