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Change Your Morning Routine, Change Your Life

September 19th, 2012

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling, when one morning suddenly our clothes aren’t fitting so well. Seams are straining, pleats are spread flat and zippers are dangerously close to splitting. When we aren’t exercising as much as we should but indulging in all the good food life has to offer, our bodies will send us subtle reminders that the balance is off. How we react to those hints will determine if we need a new wardrobe or just a new routine.

Personally, I had noticed my clothes getting tighter and tighter over the past year. I had been struggling to get to the gym and it was showing. With my presentation for the POC Conference on the horizon, I knew in order for me to shine in one of my favorite suits something needed to change. I needed to take my own advice, look at my own routine and see how I could tweak it to start feeling better and fitting back into my beloved clothes.

What I did was this: I added a new aspect to my morning routine. I now leave my gym bag, shoes and clothes directly beside my bed so that in the morning, with no thought at all, I hop into my gym gear and know that is where I’m heading. No snooze button, no excuses, no problem. After I’m in those clothes, the routine is now set and I start my day feeling empowered as I walk briskly to the gym.

I have been doing this for 4 weeks now. I am so excited about all my progress and so thankful for the benefits of this change in my morning routine. I realized the small steps we can take to change just one thing about our day are really the first steps towards great success.

What is one thing you could add to your morning routine that would allow you to start your day off feeling more successful?

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