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How Evening Routines Can Empower your Life

September 26th, 2012

Routines don’t need to be dry or boring. My absolute favourite routine takes place in the evening. It isn’t about making my lunch for the next day or setting out my gym clothes, but it’s just as important. It’s the 30 minutes my partner and I take to connect each night. This time is so precious and it allows me to feel loved, show my gratitude, and problem solve any household things that will make our lives easier.

Along with this lovely routine, I have realized over time that in order to avoid a stressful morning, it’s an excellent idea to create a practical evening routine for yourself.

The best way to develop a really strong evening routine is by looking at what you need to accomplish before heading out the door to work the next day. For your nutritional power-up, prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch in the evening. Select and lay out your clothing for the following day. Pre-program the coffeemaker, so a hot cup is ready for you when you’re fresh out of the shower.

By adding AM tasks and preparation into a PM routine, you can wake up with extra time for yourself, avoid those droopy dog eyes and even feel inspired with fresh work innovations. Inspired instead of overwhelmed? Now that’s a routine we could get used to.

A tip to get started – Don’t over think it and make creating this routine a chore.  Start now by taking just two minutes to write down your evening tasks. Your morning you will be grateful.

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