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A (Keyboard) Shortcut to Success


We all have similar distant memories about the old clunky technology we got by with back in the day – ancient giant beasts that took forever to load, to start, or to recognize earnest and impatient typing.

Back when I was in University my old computer would stop recognizing different components each year. It was the worst kind of surprise and then it got even scarier one day. A mere one hour before a big essay was due it stopped recognizing my mouse – cue many mouse-like “eeeeks!”

Like I had been taught, I carefully turned it on then off and then on again. I unplugged and re-plugged in the mouse. Nothing. Anger. Fear. Panic. Now what?

Finally, I resorted to calling my brother, the computer guru, to ask him what to do. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that resulting short conversation changed how I work. He taught me some very simple but incredibly time-saving shortcuts on my keyboard that I use even to this day to increase my productivity.

Really, why would you ever click on File, slide down to the Print button, and click Print when you can simply press Ctrl P Enter in a split second?

If you’re still a sheepish slave to the mouse it’s time you learned these valuable shortcuts. The quicker you can maneuver a keyboard, the more tasks you can strike off your To Do list. After all, don’t they say efficiency and confidence separates mice from men?

Here is a handy list of my most used commands:

Ctrl/Command + click = highlights multiple out of sequence items

Shift + click = highlights a consecutive group of items

Ctrl/Command + z = will undo the last edit (this is critical if you’ve accidentally deleted something)

Ctrl/Command + a = highlights the entire field

Ctrl/Command + p = will bring up the print screen

Ctrl/Command + s = this will save the document and should be done after every major update


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