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The Secret Language of Files


At first thought, vacations and computer file organization may not seem to have anything in common. How about this though – I find the key to success in both instances (a foreign land and foreign files) is to simply learn the language.

Really understanding the language of file size is the first step to success in file organization. Over the years I’ve noticed that when my clients have decoded the KB, MB and GB mystery, it changes everything.

They know when they have duplicate files, whether a file can be successfully emailed and whether it is smarter to open a file using their data plan or wait until they get home to their computers.

An organized file system may not be as satisfying as a stroll through an Italian piazza but maybe you could at least have a well-deserved slice of homemade pizza after all your hard work?

Here is a concise table to help you comprehend the language of file size.




  • KB = kilobyte = small
  • MB = megabyte = medium
  • GB = gigabyte = large
  • 0 KB = empty, no data
  • approx. 1000 KB = 1 MB
  • approx. 1000 MB = 1 GB
  • < 500 KB = simply text
  • 500 KB – 5 MB = a document with photos and music
  • 1 – 10 MB = one song or one photo (varies depending on quality)
  • > 10 MB = video


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