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To Move or not to Move

If you’re undertaking a media merge and want to rework your documents systems, you need to take care in order for everything to run smoothly. Basically with a little careful forethought you can save yourself a large headache down the road.

If you’ve been reading my Blog regularly you know I am a strict believer in getting organized and educated before undertaking any type of organizational task. Here is some key information to absorb before moving ahead with your merge.

Did you know that when your computer installs programs it places important information in specific file folders that it will access when opening that program? If you move this data to a different file, the computer won’t know where to find the information it needs and most likely won’t be able to run the program. Therefore, it’s important to be able to recognize which files are safe to move and which are not.

Simply stated – documents and images are safe to move and applications are not.

You can identify a file type by the three or more letters after the (.). For example .doc (word document) or .xls (Excel document).

Files with these endings (and many more) are completely safe to drag and drop at will: .doc (or .docx) / .pages / .pdf / .jpeg / .tiff / .png / .ppt / .key / .xls / .rtf

Application are not ok to move. They are identified by the ending of  .app etc.

Make your moves smooth and successful with these tips, and for more examples, this website is a great resource.

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