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Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2012

Everybody has their favourite memories of a certain special All Hallow’s Eve – most involving spooky stories, buckets of sweet candy and special costumes made with love and creativity. I adore Halloween – I remember my favourite Halloween costume was a beautiful (mini) bride. One of my treasured family traditions was my mom dressing up as a witch every year – while I went out, she had a lot of fun handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

If you’re like me, once that familiar autumn chill kicks in, you found yourself reaching for the boxes of Halloween decorations and costumes. Here’s the thing – you don’t want this task to be terrifying every year – hunting through storage for the right boxes and praying the cobwebs on top are fake.

Over the years, I’ve found some great ways to keep Halloween fun and full of good frights, not frustration. Follow these tips for next year and your Halloween prep will be efficient, and most importantly, leave you lots of time for creepy creativity and munching on candy corn.

Did you have a devil of a time finding the witch in your storage closet? Was it jammed underneath the princess costume from 5 years ago? When you’re packing up this year, separating your Halloween decorations apart from the costumes is a great first step. For the costumes, keep the accessories for each outfit together, and consider separating adult costumes from the children’s costumes. For the décor, having separate boxes for outdoor and indoor decorations is smart. With a little thought, you’ll have your own little haunted house set up in no time next year.

Whether you have one box or 12 containers overflowing with Halloween fun depends on how much you love celebrating this time of year. Either way it’s always a good idea to have a handle on what you have and what you no longer need. It’s good to annually review the costumes and donate ones that are out of style or are stained with chocolate from years past. Yes, it’s always hard to say goodbye to garments with great memories attached, but surely you have photos documenting the fun they provided. The upside – clearing out the old means room for the new!

That’s right – new frightening fun! Almost everything Halloween-related will be on sale November 1st. Yes, it’s very tempting to grab armfuls of half-priced spooky stuff but think twice before you load up your cart. Do you have room to store these skeletons? Do you really need a 1 lb bag of fun-size snickers to tempt you? A good sale is scarily attractive – just don’t go overboard or the task of organizing will be scarier than the holiday itself.

Stay safe and have a spookily terrific Halloween!

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