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Who, What, When

It’s time to thoroughly tackle your overloaded and oft-ignored Inbox.

Why does our Inbox taunt us daily with more and more unread emails? It’s because it can be exhausting sorting through emails that seem to increase by the minute. Blink and you have 100 unread messages and no idea where to start. Here’s where I come in to help!

Most of our email services organize our incoming emails in chronological order so that your eyes are drawn to the most current incoming correspondence. It makes sense but I challenge you to try something new.

In order to quickly (and happily) purge a large amount of mail so that only the critical emails stand out, try sorting your emails by sender. This process will allow you to easily delete or archive subscription mail, old projects and junk mail.

By using this sorting technique you should be able to confidently and quickly purge half of the emails clogging your Inbox, thus allowing you to focus on the important task of replying to the leftover critical correspondence.

After you’ve sorted and deleted with ease, here’s a bonus next step for you. Create a folder named something along the lines of “To Sort” and move all emails older than 30 days in there. Just remember to schedule a time to sort those messages.

Now, take a deep breath and set to work answering any emails that take two minutes or less to respond to. You’re well on your way to an organized Inbox.


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