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A re-imagined & reinvigorated morning

Have you noticed a lot of my best organizing advice involves doing something in your routine a little differently?  I’m about to suggest something you might find scandalous, but bear with me.

Have you noticed how you arrive at work, open your email, and then spend the next four hours managing messages in your Inbox? All of a sudden its 1 pm, you’re starving and you haven’t even touched on your top priority tasks for the day. It’s a terrible predicament and often leads to a feeling of defeat and resentment of that never-ending stream of messages in your Inbox.

Now, some careers revolve completely around email, i.e. an executive assistant. For everyone else, although we’ve become very dependent on email, we have to remember it’s not integral to defining our top workplace priorities. In fact, it can be detrimental.

Here’s where the controversial suggestion comes in. Once you sit down at your desk in the morning, do not immediately open your email and get bogged down with that nitty-gritty. Instead try working on your top priority task for that first hour when you’re feeling fresh and energized.

Does it seem too scary? Remember – you’ll still have seven hours to attend to emails that have arrived. Emails can wait. Your productivity will soar. Now isn’t that a new routine worth trying?


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