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The distraction solution

November 28th, 2012

Everybody loves sharing advice that worked for them. Tips or tricks that took your life to a new level, whether they are big or small, are so intriguing to me. With this Blog I am able to share all kinds of organizational ideas to help make your life less stressful and more productive. November has been all about your Inbox and I must say I’ve saved the best tip for last.

One of the very best things I did in 2012 to increase my productivity was one evening I decided to disable message notifications on my email account. The next day I clearly remember the exact moment when I wondered out loud why I had been so productive and successful. Then it hit me, “Oh, I haven’t opened my email!”

Since I’d always relied on my electronic notifications, I had assumed I didn’t have any new emails (how amazing would that be?) When I manually checked, of course there were new messages sitting there. Right then I made a choice. I could have spent the next couple hours hunkered down responding to emails.

I was so engaged in the project I had started and was feeling so successful I really didn’t want to get distracted with items of less importance. So, I walked away from the computer. It was another step in the right direction as it not only increased my productivity but allowed me to get my priorities in order.

My challenge for you as we head into a new month is please turn off your email notifications on both your computer and phone. Don’t be frightened. Instead, see how much freedom and focus you have to get things done.

As the month comes to an end, I’d love to get your feedback. Which Blog post was particularly helpful? Did you try any of my tips/tricks with great success? Thank you as always for reading and remember:

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