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Donate the gift of joy!

December 5th, 2012

It’s officially December! As you get your home ready for Christmas, it’s the ideal time to turn your clutter (unused and excessive Christmas ornaments/decorations) into lovely gifts.

These valuable donations to others are accepted through numerous associations such as your church, a favourite local charity or a trusted thrift store.

You may know of families, seniors, and students who need a little extra sparkle to their holiday – why not be a part of a little Christmas miracle by brightening their holiday? Everyone loves to see the excitement in people’s eyes when they receive an unexpected gift!

Once your extra cheer has been paid forward,  we encourage you to give careful consideration to the items you then purchase this season. Try to make your selections carefully, with thought and care, so you’re not just giving clutter. If you’re feeling lost, our December email exclusive (sign up here) has a fantastic gift-giving guide.

Really, if you remember to share your love and be generous with your time and kindness this holiday season, you’re already a proven fantastic gift-giver.

One Response

  1. Daniel says:

    Awesome! I want to make some of these. Thanks for sharing! I’ve made a bunch of gifts this year- a meessnger bag for my brother, a steelers throw for my brother in law, a set of reusable bags for my sister, a purse for my other sister, a fleece ruffly skirt for my sister in law, and a fleece housecoat for my mom. Still deciding about pj pants for my dad and a blanket for my daugther.

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