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Come Fly with Ease

December 12th, 2012

Do you fly home on a jet plane to see loved ones every December? Please don’t be like me. Every single time I get on a plane I realize I have my iPod but forgot to pack my headphones. (I convince myself that I really wanted to sleep juuuust around the time that baby starts to cry.) I’ve also headed to Costa Rica without my bathing suit or sunglasses – a silly and expensive whoops.

To avoid future packing mishaps, I have created a travel checklist for both my carry-on luggage and suitcase, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Print this list (or lists if you’d prefer to do them separately) and store in your most used suitcase or travel bag. This is the perfect way to ensure you double-check that all your necessary items are packed.

You can jot down absolutely everything you could possibly think of on one list, or create different sections for destinations and if you’re travelling for business, pleasure, long-term or just a weekend jaunt.

The best part about creating a Must Pack List is that if you’re a last minute packer like I am, you’ll be confident that you’ve packed all the essentials in a burst of 20 minutes tops. Start every trip with confident ease and you’re off to a fine Bon Voyage indeed.


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