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Holiday Gift Hangover

December 26th, 2012

You made it! Now that the piles of wrapping paper have cleared and everybody is still full from last night’s feast, you have time to survey your gifts. You were so diligent and thoughtful with gift-giving this year after reading our email exclusive gift guide, but chances are sweet Aunt Mildred missed it. Now you have a gift you just won’t use to clutter your finely tuned life. You wonder, what is the best way to deal with those unfortunate gifts?

The great news is there are various charities that need your help. Women’s shelters jump for joy when they see toiletries and undergarments. You can consign trendy clothing and jewelry, and sell furniture items on Craigslist. Make it fun – why not have a small get-together with friends in early January and do a gift trade?

Re-gifting has the ability to keep your home free from undesirables and the opportunity to give someone else something they may really adore. Just make sure you label the re-gift with the gift-giver’s name so no mistakes happen. If you’re feeling guilty about your re-gifting, you’re in luck – I address that and more in the upcoming January 2013 Blog Posts.

See you in the New Year!

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