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A Happy New You

January 2nd, 2013

You did it! You made it through the beautiful hustle & bustle of Christmas. I had an amazing holiday and I hope you did too.

Looking forward  ­– now that it’s a brand new month, I’m excited to be moving forward into 2013 feeling rejuvenated and inspired by some recent goal setting.

After some thought, I realized January is often focused on achieving new things instead of reflecting on how much we’ve already achieved.

Can we try something new? I’d like to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how amazing you are. Think about all the fabulous things you’ve accomplished, especially the challenging learning experiences that have transformed you. Think of how much love you’ve given and the wonderful people you’ve surrounded yourself with.

If you make it a mission this year to see brilliance in yourself and all the people you meet, that is a resolution you will certainly see through to the end.


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