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Guilty Gifts

January 16th, 2013

If you’re like me, you’re finally getting the last bits of tinsel and garland carefully boxed up from Christmas. As you carefully pack the holiday away, there are still a few unwelcome guests hanging about. The last vestiges of December will always be the Christmas gifts you received that unfortunately just didn’t fill you with joy.

Every year it happens. My clients express with great angst that they are clueless as to what to do with these items – the one size fits all gifts that didn’t fit at all. No matter the size, these gifts carry so much weight and guilt!

People surround themselves with things they don’t like, use or value, due to this guilt. I can’t imagine having things that don’t bring me joy all around me – in my space and mind every day.

What to do? If you feel you must keep them you could place them in a bin in your closet with the gift giver’s name attached and pull it out on their next two visits before donating it. Or, you could simply donate it to a local charity if you think they would never ask about them.

Don’t tell my Mom but I take a photo wearing the item or have it strategically in the background, send it to her, and then donate the item. (She lives a plane ride away so this works very well.)

Any feelings of guilt you have, remember this – someone somewhere will greatly enjoy that gift you donated it. Good luck and call me if you need any support with this clean sweep.

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