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Invest in an Inbox

In Order Feb 6 Blog Image

An Inbox isn’t just for your email account. If you don’t have a dedicated physical Inbox, your whole office or home becomes a cluttered paper collection zone. (I’m never surprised when I find documents in my client’s kitchens, bedside tables or even bathrooms.)

The solution to this paper problem is fairly simply. You just need a dedicated location, an Inbox, to collect all your paper. The paper that you don’t have time to make a decision on immediately, or figure out where it lives just yet; that unprocessed paper. What do I mean by unprocessed? The interesting flyer you found under your car’s wiper and that handful of mail you brought home – this is unprocessed. A note to sign for your child, the swatches of paper in your bag, a co-worker’s notes on a presentation – you get the picture.

A typical Inbox is a simple tray that sits on an office desk or counter at home. (You may have more than one inbox but you want the least amount possible.) My preference is a vertical inbox – ones that you attach to a wall. These create a clear limit and can’t turn into yet another pile. Also, for some reason vertical paper seems to elicit a more urgent response.

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