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Activate your Active Paper System

feb 13 Kyla blog post

If you don’t have an active paper system I’m worried about your productivity. Do I have your attention? 🙂

It’s ok. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most of my clients don’t have this critical component to their paper system.

You’ll remember from my Blog last week what type of paper goes in an Inbox and most people inherently know what a reference file system holds. But, where do the papers that require action or are To-Do’s go in your system? (Other than in various piles around your home or office. I’m onto you…)

If you’re already using files successfully, I would recommend a desktop filer.

These are some potential names for your active files (which should be mimicked in your email platform):

  • Immediate
  • To Do – Long Term
  • Bills To Pay
  • Waiting For
  • Current Projects
  • Reimbursements
  • Upcoming Events
  • Any Meeting/Association/Committee you attend

Now you’re set. When you’re clearing out your paper Inbox and making decisions about where your paper needs to go, you will either place it in your active system, reference system or in the recycling bin.


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