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Find the Right Folder

feb 20 kyla blog post

Your stray papers are gathered and sorted. Your active paper system is alive. Now, let’s discuss which type of folder is best for your file system. Do you use hanging folders or file folders? I often see paper file folders within hanging folders. My question for you: why put a folder within a folder if it’s rarely leaving your file cabinet?

In my reference system I don’t have a single file folder and instead have everything in hanging folders. I’ve successfully converted many clients to simply using hanging folders with a tab label instead of using file folders. Hanging folders slide open easily and the tabs are much easier to read because they don’t hide down in the folder.

There is always an exception to the rule. If you make a lot of files daily or weekly, putting paper file folders inside hanging folders is a great choice as it’s very quick and easy to write on the label. Either way, I recommend using a label maker or printed labels – it’s much easier for your eye to be drawn to what you’re looking for and great for corporate consistency.

Going one step further with your folder organization – I also like using coloured labels instead of coloured folders – much less space is needed to store the supplies and they are easier to keep stocked.


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