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Setting up your File System

kyla feb 27 blog post

Very few people are educated on how to organize their files. To be fair, very few people spend a lot of time thinking about how to make their file systems efficient. (Even my family thinks it’s odd that I love thinking and talking about how to organize documents.)

The classic debate is categories vs. alphabetical file systems. I believe that alphabetical filing is important, however, only within the category the paper is related to. When I see file systems that don’t have categories it means that Visa is filed under “V” and MasterCard is filed under “M” etc.

However, if you organize your files by category (and then alphabetical within the category) you can cut down on your search time. You’ll file all bills with ease into the same file drawer/section and feel more confident in your system.

With all your financial folders, home folders, and tax folders together you can easily, in a moment of urgency, locate a document.


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