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When in Doubt, Ask Your Accountant

March 13th, 2013

ask your accountant tax questions

When it comes time to doing taxes for your business, doing it alone can be intimidating. That’s why I have a trusted accountant to assist with this very important task.

As our lives change, so do the tax implications. This year I purchased my first home, which has numerous financial implications, especially being a business owner.

One of the best decisions I made a few years ago was to stop worrying about tax-related documents. Now I just throw them into a file I call “Ask my Accountant” with a sticky note question on them.

For example, after I moved this year I wanted to know if I could claim my moving expenses. I sent in the total and asked the accounting team to note whether the amount was admissible. Ultimately this saves me wasting time doing calculations if the category is of no use.

After I send in a complete tally of my personal tax-related expenses and find out whether the category or amounts are taxable, I update my personal Q & A tax document. This ensures I have the most up-to-date information on hand, and don’t have to reinvent the wheel the following year.

All March I’m ensuring you will be tax-ready on time. Visit our website each week for more useful tips to keep your personal business systems efficient and ready for every tax season. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more day-to-day organization inspiration.

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