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Successful Business Card Networking

business card networking

As a professional organizer and owner of a business, I spend a lot of time networking in the community. It’s a wonderful way to connect, meet new valued clients and help spread the word about my organizing services and solutions. At these events it can be difficult to balance sparkling chatter, a drink and some hors d’oeuvres along with a stack of business cards.

You want to come off professional and organized (of course) in front of your new contacts so having a system to do this helps keep things smooth and graceful.

I prefer to wear pants with pockets to networking events. This is so I can place a newly acquired card in my left pocket while storing my own business cards in my right pocket, easily accessible to hand out upon request. (You can certainly wear your favourite dress/skirt and then just carry a business card holder. Place the new card in behind your cards so that you’re always ready to hand out a fresh card.)

Once you get home, write down any descriptive information about the contact on the card so that you can recall your interaction with ease. In the case of a series of networking functions, I like to bundle the cards with an elastic band and review them before I attend the next meeting. With my memory refreshed on previous conversations the subsequent connection is comfortable, and the face that matches the name on the business card feels important and valued.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I too like to wear pants with pockets, but having an outside pocket on my purse works well too. Here’s another tip for those business network gatherings, that I learned from one of my business mentors. When there’s finger food, always eat with your left hand. That way, you’re never offering sticky fingers to shake hands with, and you’re putting fewer germs into your mouth too.

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