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Scan then Can your Business Cards

professional organizer

In my line of work as a professional organizer I am handed a lot of business cards. It’s an impressive collection from an equally impressive network of amazing connections. In order to keep my home and office organized (a very important thing of course), I needed to develop a de-cluttering system for these business cards.

The first step was to create a database. Then I needed to be very selective about which business cards I added to it. The next step was easy – once I decided I’d like to import a valuable connection into my contacts, I used an app like CamCard to quickly enter the cards.

This app becomes your personal organizer by taking a photo of the card and automatically inputting the data into the correct fields in your contact form. If it sounds simple, it is!

If you’d prefer a higher tech solution, you can also purchase scanning systems like CardScan, NeatScan or SnapScan which can also conveniently scan receipts for tax purposes etc.

Once your selected cards are scanned, make sure you add notes about where you met the contact or who referred them, and any other important details or key words so you can search and locate the contact later with ease.

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  1. Tony says:

    Did you see this?
    scan 60 cards in 5 mins.

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