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Using Collected Business Cards to Connect

organizer clutter business card

Once you’ve returned home from a networking event, inspired, invigorated and armed with a sizeable number of fresh business cards, it’s good to have a system in place to manage the cards. Otherwise you will need me to come organize your home office every weekend.

One of my favourite organizing ideas for business cards is to sort them into boxes. Box One would be labeled “Send follow-up email/Add to social networking sites (LinkedIn, etc.)”

Once those tasks are completed, the card moves to Box Two which would be labeled “To Review.” If you never hear back or no professional relationship has formed from this contact, you could choose to toss the card at this point.

For the remaining cards you could add a monthly repeating all-day reminder to your calendar to review this box and decide if the card will move to Box Three labeled, “Enter Information.” The cards in this box are contacts that have proved to be valuable and a successful networking relationship has formed.

At this time you would enter their information into your contacts. Make sure you add in any notes about the contact, such as where you met or who referred them, so you can search their name with ease in the future.

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