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Organizing Your Business Card Collection

professional organizer business cards

If one of your organizing goals is to organize your home office, this is an easy first step – tackling that unruly pile of business cards on your desk.

While I prefer an electronic system, if you really like having the actual business card on hand or need it to share with staff, I hear you, I understand and there is help. As a professional organizer, I always have a few different tricks up my sleeve.

There are many business card organizing solutions on the market, the most common being the Rolodex. I often wonder who designs these as they are usually alphabetical. In some situations this works, but most people have trouble remembering what happened yesterday, let alone someone’s last name you met three years ago.

I’m a big fan of using a categorized system instead of alphabetical for two reasons: it is easier to use and most card organizers have limitations to how many cards can be kept. Other than professional organizers who love to purge, how often do most people take time to minimize their business cards?

My favourite business card organizing solution is to use a simple binder with business card page inserts. This way you can quickly add more card capacity to any section without having to revise your entire system. Purchase some binder inserts to identify the categories and you’ll be set.

I wouldn’t be a dedicated personal organizer if I didn’t add this last tip: Create an annual reminder in your calendar (end of December or early January) to purge the outdated business cards.


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