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Contain Your Garage Clutter

professional garage organizer vancouver

Your simple solution to a gorgeous garage: containers.

When clutter is contained and sorted, you almost feel like a professional organizer! Before you run out to buy any containers though, I highly recommend first spending some time purging your belongings. This way you will know exactly how many containers you’ll need.

Size does matter. As a professional organizer, I have seen Go Big or Go Home is most people’s motto when purchasing organizing containers for their garage. Wait! Large containers may be necessary for certain items like Christmas trees, but they are prone to fill up fast with mismatched items and then quickly become much too heavy.

I would encourage you to instead aim for containers the size of a file box. They rarely get too heavy and are easy to maneuver and reposition. I prefer clear containers as it’s easy for all members of the family to a) see what’s in the box and b) return items back into the right box.

I also recommend that you label all the storage containers to decrease unnecessary searching for items. This small organizing step can also be helpful when you have visitors or any household assistance.


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