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Child-friendly Garage Organizing Part One

May 11th, 2013

Professional Organizer garage makeover vancouver

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that children can be as messy as most garages. I’m certain that being a professional organizer with extreme organizing diligence will ensure my future children will be even more unruly than the average child – ha!

Whether they’re angelic or need extra help with organizing solutions, children will impact your high-traffic environments. Here are some tips on how to set-up your garage to encourage some order in a practical, and maybe even fun, manner.

  • Select stands that bikes can easily roll into and be ready to grab and go
  • Have hooks for helmets right next to the stands – this will protect the helmet’s longevity and diminish the likelihood of an “I couldn’t find it” excuse
  • Purchase large laundry-like bins for holding sticks and sword shaped items
  • Install extra hooks for hockey and other sports gear
  • Clear bins for water toys and balls do a great job of containing some chaos – no lid required

Really, the most practical organizing solutions are individually catered, so think like a child ~ if they can throw it in or on or at something then it’s more like a game than a chore, and they may consider putting it away. Please also remember to place any sharp or toxic items way up high out of reach of curious hands or climbers.

Make sure you check back here next week for more child-friendly organizing ideas for the garage and home!

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