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Child-friendly Garage Organizing Part Two

May 18th, 2013

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Happy Long Weekend!

Last week’s Blog Post was full of organizing ideas for the messiest members of the family to help keep your organized garage plans maintained. This week let’s flash back to the early soggier days of Spring.

Garages are a great way to get your family in and out of the house, especially when living in a rainy city. Rain inevitably means mud, which means muddy boots. Creating a rule that says children must remove their wet and muddy boots before entering the home is a great way to reduce cleaning time throughout the week and keep shoe clutter at bay.

As parents will tell you, rules may not always be followed. The organizing solution to this messy problem is to define a zone that can hold children’s boots, coats and outdoor accessories, such as hats and mitts, so that everything is contained in one area.

I would recommend having a hook for school bags just inside the door so that it’s easier for you to check on homework and collect any school handouts. You could even have a vertical/wall inbox just above those hooks for the children to hand in these items for your attention.

It will take some effort and time to set up this garage organizing idea. Good thing you have an extra day to play with this weekend…

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