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Garage No-No’s

garage dream professional organizer vancouver

Sometimes an organizing solution can have a better impact when you think differently. Before you organize your garage simply think about what doesn’t belong. This can be a great first step to sorting and weeding out items. You can do it! I believe in you!

Although the garage is a great place to store less frequently used items, it is actually not an ideal environment for all your stuff. Most garages are prone to some moisture and pests have easy access as the doors conveniently fly open every day. These factors mean books, seasonal clothing and camping gear should not be stored in the garage. (Need help finding organizing ideas for in-home storage – you know who to call!)

Anything you don’t want to get dirty or dusty, such as memorabilia, should also be stored elsewhere. For edible items, anything other than canned food is a no-no as well.

If you want to think like a professional organizer and be extra diligent, you could store garbage and recycling cans on a washable mat in order to discourage pests of all kinds.

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