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Safely Say Bye to Batteries

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A common motto to defuse stress is “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” As a professional organizer, when I share organizing ideas with my amazing clients, I can’t forget the small stuff. As we all know, the small stuff can lead to big clutter. The perfect example is batteries. Every household needs batteries for something, but when they need to be replaced, do you have a solution?

I’ve noticed many homes I help organize have difficulty just keeping track of which batteries are new and which batteries are used. In my home I keep all the batteries in the same location. My simple organizing solution is one battery in and one battery out; I use a Ziploc bag with a sticky note inside that says USED.

When the baggie is full I take it to my local Return-It Depot where they dispose of them for free. If you have a collection of old TV’s, broken computers or any other unwanted electronics that require special recycling, this is where you take them. A one-stop spot to help clear clutter, small or big, is my favourite type of organizing solution!

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