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Designate a Donation Zone

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In this Blog Post, I just have to share a brilliant organizing idea from one of my extremely organized clients. In her garage she has two donation baskets. Throughout each month she fills them with any items she no longer uses or needs. When the baskets are full she loads them in her car and takes the items to a donation centre.

Why is this so brilliant, you ask? I’ve noticed my client homes that don’t have this kind of organizing system often just re-place an unwanted item back in the drawer or closet. Since there is no system established they don’t know what to do with it in the moment, so they just put it away.

Having a designated donation zone eliminates any stress over having to make a decision, as you know exactly where the item needs to go. I strongly urge you to create a donation zone in your home – this organizing idea is so easy to set-up, yet so rewarding in its simplicity.

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