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A Safe for a Sound Mind

household safe professional organizer organizing tips

As a professional organizer, when I help organize my client’s spaces, inevitably I hear the happy exclamation, “Oh, here it is!” Usually the discovery is something like a cheque book in an unlocked desk drawer or a passport sitting under a pile of loose papers.

My simple organizing solution for important documents and possessions, items you would be heartbroken to lose, is to buy a safe. Hiding them cleverly in an empty cereal box could lead to an accidental (and disastrous) disposal and while I do admire a clearly labeled file called Passports, so could a thief.

A safe, available from Staples on your drive home, is an easy idea that will provide tremendous piece of mind.

Before purchasing this latest organizing solution, think about what you’d like to keep in the safe. This will help determine what size is best for you and your family. Items like important documents, financial paperwork, and jewelry are key candidates for going into the safe.

Once you have purchased your safe and everything is neatly tucked away you may want to give the combination/key and inventory list to a very trusted source, just in case of emergency. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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