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The Easy Way to Protect Your Identity

eliminate identity theft by shredding professonial organizer

I recently read a story that stated 10 million Americans had their identity stolen in the last year. You could be next. It’s a terrifying thought, but there is one easy way to protect yourself.

My organizing idea to avoid this nightmare is to shred all your personal paperwork you planned to recycle. This includes any document with identifying numbers or names on it. It’s a very simple organizing tip that your whole family can take on as a new habit.

To get started on your shredding, all you need is a shredder near where you sort your paper. I recommend spending an extra $20 and getting a quality shredder that will last the test of time. For ease of use choose the one with a pull out basket, as opposed to the one that requires lifting the top off.

Protecting yourself and your family Should be a top priority  – shredding is a short but sweet way to get started.

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