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The Ultimate Back-Up Plan

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What would you scoop up if your home was on fire? Typically the answers are twofold: my photos and my pets.

However, if you had copies of everything stored off-site you could just focus on just getting your family (two & four legged) safely out the door.

As a professional organizer, I have developed a fantastic way to keep all my precious electronic documents accounted for in any kind of situation. The great news – you can put this organizing solution in place too.

All my printed photos have been scanned and organized on my computer. My computer automatically backs up every two hours onto the Cloud and on an off-site server. I have my insurance documents and necessary receipts saved on my computer, along with all critical paperwork like my will and business documents.

In case of emergency, I could simply purchase a new computer and within hours have everything back online, exactly how and where I left it.

Amazing, right? There is no need to ever endure living without precious memories or important documents. What’s one thing you could do today to start making this a reality for you too?

Would you like to get your photos organized? I would love to help. (Insert Link for Photo Services)

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