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Are you Moving? Step 1: Hire Movers

August 3rd, 2013

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Instead of vacationing this summer, are you moving? Are you already feeling anxious about the whole process? As a professional organizer I believe any life event can be made less stressful with careful planning. Let’s start with some simple steps for hiring your movers.

Call for Quotes
You’ll most likely want to get various quotes from reputable and recommended moving companies. Ask if there are any hidden charges that are not included in the quote. Learning how to speak “mover” can save a lot of stress and time.

Consider Moving Mid-week
As you can imagine, the end of the month is a very busy time for moving companies, so these dates fill up quickly. Crews are pushed to the max at the end of the month and like to relax with friends like everyone else on weekend evenings. So, in order to ensure your movers are fresh and ready to support you, try selecting a moving date mid-month and during the week.

Day-Of Expectations
Meet with the movers at the beginning of the big day and do a tour of the space. Although it may seem obvious, the two critical points to confirm are: have them neatly stack boxes in each room with the hand written contents facing out, and please be patient while we find the perfect spot for the furniture at the end of the day.

Fuel for the Team
Moving furniture is difficult and most people underestimate the toll it takes on your muscles and joints. Purchase lunch for the team plus create a snack basket full of bottled water, apples, banana and granola bars. These gestures will be extremely appreciated, and help increase their energy for a successful move.

For the entire month of August our Blog Posts will have practical organizing ideas and tips for ensuring an impending move is stress-free and efficient. We also offer professional moving assistance – from checklists to full service packing and unpacking! Contact us here for more details.

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