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Are you Moving? Step 2: Eliminating Emotional Possessions

August 10th, 2013

Vancouver professional organizer moving services emotional attachment

While readying the August Blog Posts, all revolving around organizing ideas for an impending move, I came across this passage on a moving website that really spoke to me:

“The emotional impact of changing one’s lifestyle, parting with objects from the past and going through a house full of belongings — and memories — is hard work, both mentally and physically.”

If you’ve planned a big move before or been a wonderful friend and helped with a move, you know how physically taxing it can be, but we underestimate how hard moving can be emotionally. Sorting through all your belongings in an effort to purge before a move can be so difficult. The urge to hang on to items without really being able to pinpoint why can be a frustrating and lengthy endeavor where not a whole lot of packing actually gets done.

As a professional organizer, I help my clients prepare for their move and get focused in a straightforward manner. When they are thinking about getting rid of something I gently ask: 1. Do you love it? 2. Does it support you? If it falls outside of those two categories then it’s most likely not the right item for them and someone who’s really in need could be using it.

Now, if the item in question happens to be a piece of furniture it’s not as simple as throwing it in your trunk to donate or drop off. It can take time and effort to discard of bulky household pieces, but don’t worry, I have organizing steps for that next week!

For the entire month of August our Blog Posts will have practical organizing ideas and tips for ensuring an impending move is stress-free and efficient. We also offer professional moving assistance – from checklists to full service packing and unpacking! Contact us here for more details.

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