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Are you Moving? Step 3: Farewell to Furniture

August 17th, 2013

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In last week’s Blog Post we talked about the often difficult task of purging belongings you no longer need or love before you move. The organizing solution for discarding small items I outlined previously in this email exclusive, but what about large items or pieces you could sell for a tidy sum?

If you’re looking to get the most financial return on your investment, selling the item privately is your best solution. Currently, Craigslist is still the most common way to sell furniture online. Before posting, I advise you to do a little research to see what similar items are being priced at. Accompany your listing with good quality photos of the items and you’ll be off to the races!

Your next best financial option is to use a consignment company which is ideal for higher end furniture and furnishings. As this business is commission-based, it’s in their best interest to sell your items at a premium price.

For antiques or fine art you want to part with, auction houses can be a good solution. However, you’ll most likely only receive a pittance of what the item is worth.

If you simply need the item gone, you can post it for free on Craigslist where most items are usually picked up within a matter of hours, especially if the item is in good shape. Or, you can use a charity like Helping Families in Need Society or Homestart Foundation, where for a small gas fee they will come remove all items at once. However, you do need to schedule this service a couple weeks ahead and they can be picky about the items they will take.

An added incentive for removing the clutter of unwanted furnishings is that it will make your home a more dynamic and organized space to show to prospective buyers.

For the entire month of August our Blog Posts will have practical organizing ideas and tips for ensuring an impending move is stress-free and efficient. We also offer professional moving assistance – from checklists to full service packing and unpacking! Contact us here for more details.

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