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Are you Moving? Step 4: One Room at a Time

August 24th, 2013

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Although moving is rated #3 on the list of life’s most stressful events list, you can choose to see it as a time of rebirth and a chance for you to reinvent your space. Funny how taking your life from one spot to the next can be a real inspiration!

Before you disappear looking at Pinterest for home décor ideas, you need to get your current home packed and ready to move. Having a plan on how to approach preparing your home in advance is a great organizational idea to reduce stress and start heading in the right direction.

~Starting about two months before your move, create a “purging and prepare” schedule. Assign one room a week and don’t forget your donation and garbage bags. Be precise and focused – tackle one single drawer or shelf at a time.

~One of the first rules of organizing is to combine like items. Start putting all like items together as you find them and you’ll be focused and on the right track.

~Designate one room as a project room to hold items that need to be returned to friends or have an action needed before your move.

~Take the donation bag each weekend to your designated spot (see this Blog Post for ideas) to inspire yourself to move forward.

If you notice yourself avoiding this plan, simply set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work. You might be surprised how invigorated you get while being so productive and keep working long after that timer has gone off.

For the entire month of August our Blog Posts will have practical organizing ideas and tips for ensuring an impending move is stress-free and efficient. We also offer professional moving assistance – from checklists to full service packing and unpacking! Contact us here for more details.

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