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For PEEP’s Sake: ‘Tis the Season

September 7th, 2013

professional organizer September clutter front entrance

It’s not officially Autumn until the 22nd of September, but don’t you feel the season changing already? As temperatures cool, pumpkin spice wafts through the air and the kids are back in school, some people find September (not January) the best time to get their homes and lives a little more organized and refined.

My foundation for all the organizing ideas this month is PEEP: a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. Let’s kick off with the first and last thing you see in your home – the front entrance way. This is typically not a large space but with very heavy foot traffic and a favoured spot for shoes to be flung off, it can become an unorganized overflowing eyesore in no time.

Your easy organizing tip here is to collect the piles of sandy sandals and sticky bug spray with all the beach toys and other summer specific items, and return them to their long-term storage haven. The hardest part will be to not to feel melancholy as rain umbrellas replace beach umbrellas.

Once you put a reminder in your calendar (desk or phone) your quick quarterly organization steps will become second nature. If you invite your children to join you, there’s an excellent opportunity to teach them to maintain a lean, clean entrance way and beyond.

As a professional organizer I think a good seasonal purge just makes sense. Join me this month on my website for weekly Blog Posts with ideas and tips for ensuring everything in your home is in its proper place. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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