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A Solution for Paper Overload

in order to succeed paper clutter in kitchen organize vancouver

While preparing for a family meal, how often do you have to first gather up a handful of loose papers littering your kitchen like fallen leaves?

Unfortunately most kitchen counters become a collection zone for all types of paper including mail, flyers, school work and receipts.

As a professional organizer, my challenge was to devise an organizing idea for the paper chase. I have discovered that involving all family members is the key.

Start with assigning a paper “home” for each person. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a shoebox with their name on it will do. Or, you can fashion my favourite idea – a clearly labeled wall tray.

Once everyone is aware of the new system of where to put their personal papers, and after a brief stint of redirects, you should feel confident they will catch on. The trick is simplicity and routine. The reward is you’ll no longer have to answer “Did you see my…?” or “Where is that…?” or hear “What did you do with…?”

Creating an organizing system for household paperwork is just the first step – make sure you put a monthly reminder in your calendar to then sort the accumulated paperwork.

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