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How To Create Calendar Calm

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Through my work as a professional organizer I see that most of my client’s households are lapping society’s super sonic speeds. With email Inbox’s and agendas overflowing, it’s amazing that parents can even keep track of their children’s pick-up schedules.

With all the amazing advances in technology, this organizing idea can be implemented rather easily. Consider moving your family to an electronic calendar system. By colour coding each family member’s calendar for easy integration into your personal calendar, it can reduce daily stress and eliminate last minute minivan blastoffs.

By assigning Mom or Dad driving duty right on the calendar, the expectation is clear for the whole family and you definitely can eliminate those car meditation CDs. Well, traffic may still drive you crazy, but my only organizational advice for that worry is one you probably already know – leave a few minutes earlier and take the time to enjoy the scenery changing out your window.

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