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For PEEP’s Sake: Checklist to the Rescue

September 28th, 2013

IOTS Blog Post Sept 27 professional organizer travel checklist

As I struggle with the exhaustion that often defines adulthood, I have discovered that creating simple checklists can dramatically reduce stress by allowing the necessary relief of just being on autopilot.

Here’s a practical example of how much a checklist can be your very best friend in a pinch. Earlier this month I was preparing to fly to San Francisco and forgot that you’re required to be at the airport two hours (not one) prior to your flight.. While enjoying breakfast, my boyfriend Justin asked “Don’t we need to leave for the airport soon?”

Freeze. Here I was thinking I had a whole hour to do my make-up and pack my suitcase and all of a sudden – panic! I rushed to the computer (well, actually I rushed to do my make-up and asked Justin to rush to the computer) to print my trusted travel checklist.

With this guide, I quickly hurled the needed items into my bag, knowing that I’d have all the critical components to survive my travels. Remember the last time you packed in a hurry and then stood in line to buy a toothbrush and a pair of socks at the overpriced out-of-town market? That doesn’t ever need to happen again with this organizing idea.

Think for a few minutes. What checklists do you or your family need? As well as they work for travelling, they also can work wonders for a busy household. How about a checklist for school bags, extracurricular activities or sleepovers? Where could you put these checklists so they are easy to access? Do you have a family activity centre? Once you’ve trialed the lists, consider laminating them so they can be reused for years to come.

With a tried and trusted handy checklist, any task or outing can be accomplished with ease.

As a professional organizer I love how a good checklist can eliminate unnecessary household stress. Thank you for reading September’s Blog Posts with ideas and tips for ensuring everything in your home is in its proper place. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for more decluttering tips and elegant advice for organizing your home, office, and your life.

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