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Closet Cleanup: Downsizing

IOTS Oct 5 Blog Post closet cleanup downsize professional organizer vancouver bc

As a professional organizer I have seen many client bedrooms that are beautifully furnished and artfully arranged that exude serenity and style. Narrowing in on their closet however, the closed doors reveal a sneaky little secret: a tangled space of overflowing fabrics that creates unnecessary stress.

Take a long look at those clothes you’ve been planning to fit in for over 5 years. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s time. It’s okay to let them go. Think about this: if you’re still focused on shedding some pounds, you’ll want to celebrate your new weight with new contemporary clothing that suits your current personality and needs.

If letting go of all these pieces feels stressful how about this organizing idea: keep five favourites that are classic but store them in your longer term storage area so they don’t clutter your current closet space.

What about all the clothing now too large that you’ve hung onto? You can definitely let them go to your favourite charity or society and it will feel so good. I encourage you to celebrate taking this first step – a little champagne in the closet seems about right, just mind the silks.

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