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Closet Cleanup: Under where?

IOTS Blog Post Oct 12 dresser in closet organizer vancouver bc

As a professional organizer, when presented with a client’s space I can usually quickly narrow in on the areas of dysfunction. It’s like my super power. With bedroom closets, one scenario often occurs. See if this sounds familiar to you.

Your closet holds your clothes but then your essential undergarments are in a dresser clear across the room. This makes getting dressed an unnecessary challenge because you have to go from one space to another just to put together your daily outfit.

Here’s my organizing tip for a cohesive closet and seamless speedy dressing on the most rushed of mornings: get all your essential wardrobe pieces together in one space. Could your dresser be either slid into your closet or right near the closet door? If this is not possible, can you exchange any task-based clothing, like exercise wear, for a basket with the essential undergarments in it?

Just for fun, here’s a bonus organizing idea for the end of the day: if you’re also undressing in or near your closet, place your laundry hamper there. However, if you’re more likely to get undressed in your bathroom, keep your laundry hamper there instead.

Think about these tips, look at your space with this in mind and you’ll be surprised how efficient you can be with a little storage swap.

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