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Closet Cleanup: Hang in There

in order to succeed professional organizer vancouver bc flocked hangers

As a professional organizer I must maintain certain standards for myself. Some of my strategies may make you giggle and some may challenge you, but they have been carefully pondered and practiced so I feel confident sharing them with you. My next organizing idea has been essential to keeping my closet lean: 4 years ago I promised myself that I wasn’t ever going to buy any more hangers.

You can probably guess that the hangers I have were chosen with care to be the crème de la closet. My absolute favourite is the flocked hanger, and I have successfully converted many of my clients to also adore these velvety soft hangers. The brilliance behind the flocked hanger is that they are thin, so they work in even the smallest of closet spaces. Due to the material, even silk spaghetti straps don’t slide off the hanger, which also makes them a functional masterpiece. Also, the price is right. You can purchase 50 flocked hangers from Costco for only $14.99. Amazing!

If you prefer a different look, wood hangers are another option. They are durable, stylish, and if you have adequate space you can easily upgrade them by purchasing non-slip grips for the ends.

Once your new hangers are hung with care, there is one final simple step to determine which clothing items can eventually be purged to make room for the new ones. I believe it was Oprah who suggested placing your hangers backwards on the rod and when you’ve worn something, placing them back facing forwards. This allows you to see at a glance what items you no longer wear that could probably go to someone in need.

If you need professional assistance in your closet, just give me a call!

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